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Easy cathlab integration and intuitive workflow

OptoMonitor offers an intuitive display with easy navigation, and the option for USB data storage or FFR paper printout. The small footprint requires minimal space, which enables permanent installation and perpetual system availability.

Many hemodynamic systems now integrate FFR functionality for more efficient patient data consolidation. Opsens OptoMonitor can be connected directly to the cath lab hemodynamic system to display FFR directly on the cath lab monitor.

Seamless and simple integration

OptoMonitor is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing hemodynamic system via a BP22 compatible output. It is easy to perform the initial setup, and it's ready to use anytime without further adjustments.

Intuitive workflow

OptoMonitor offers intuitive workflow, graphical user interface and state-of-the-art color touchscreen with logical workflow from left to right, with visual indication to confirm completion of each task.

Permanently installed

The compact, rugged and lightweight design permits installation in the cath lab, and can be easily mounted on a bed or IV pole.

FFR data output options

FFR measurements are displayed on the OptoMonitor and measurements can be saved to a USB key, to be printed on a label and saved into your cath lab hemodynamic system database.