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Myval Transcatheter Heart Valve

Myval Transcatheter Heart Valve | For Accurate Valve Positioning Meril Life

Myval THV: Designed for Precision in Outcomes



Myval THV has been indigenously developed by Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

$AntiCa - Meril's proprietary anti-calcification treatment technology. All Myval THV sizes are currently CE approved

Myval THV: Unique Crimping Outcome


Upon Crimping


Myval THV is recommended to be crimped over Navigator THV Balloon Delivery System prior to insertion within patient's vasculature.

Myval THV - Precise Placement Technique

Schematic of Myval THV - Ideal Landing Zone

Elimination of THV frame parallax promptly ensures visualisation of characteristic dark-light bands

Myval THV: Ground Zero Deployment

Image ref : Tawara et al. JACC CardioVascular Interventions 2008; 1:310-316. Angio image reference : Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, EHCC, Jaipur, India.

Myval THV: Size Matrix

All Myval THV diameters (20 mm to 32 mm) are compatible with 14Fr Python - Introducer Sheath

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