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Mozec Rx PTCA Balloon Dilataion Catheter



Mozec is the Rx PTCA semi-compliant balloon dilatation catheter from Meril, manufactured in-house from tip-to-hub.

Ultra-low 0.019" distal tip ensures navigations through tight lesions
• Small abrupt balloon shoulders lower the crossing profile allowing for most competitive crossing ranges.

Distal Shaft Coating

MeriGlideTM - Biocompatible, Hydrophilic, Lubricious Coating distal balloon base up to Rapid Exchange port

less than 4 µm thick. It is non-thrombogenic which resists adsorption of fibrin and platelet adhesion


Excellent Balloon Wrapability
• 2 folds for ø 1.25 to 2.00 mm
• 3 folds for ø 2.25 to 4.50 mm
• Folds are in clock-wise direction when seen from the distal tip
• Special balloon material Novalon
TM ensures
   - Low wrapping profile of folded balloon
   - Memory retention after serial dilatation

Inflation / Deflation Time

Best in class inflation time (10 secs) & deflation time (25 secs) for largest configuration 4.50 x 41 mm

Seamless Single Tube Transition

The distal tubing is a single transparent transitioning tube from the end of hypotube.

This allows for superior force transmission without any loss during navigation

FeatherGlideTM - Seamless catheter construction technology allows for exceptionally low tracking forces of 0.35N

FeatherLiteTM - Construction which generates high push transfer capability and reducing the push forces to less than 0.08N

MeriStemTM - Novel Shaft Material increased strength and kink resistance


Proprietary unique ergonomic design - Meril's "sign-of-life" ECG Bubble
  shape, transparent luer hub.

Etched logos - which allow for slip-free grip.

Strain relief ensures secure and smooth kink resistant transition towards the
  proximal shaft.

Batch number and Size dimensions are printed on one side.

Mozec for CTO application

Small diameters of 1.25 mm and 1.50 mm
• Short lengths starting from 6 mm
• Specially elongated 5mm tip
  - Provides distal stability and support (micro-catheter)
  - Crosses the lesion prior to balloon crossing
• MeriStem
TM hypo-tube shaft for enhanced support and pushability
• MeriStem
TM coated hydrophilic distal shafty
• Two fold balloon with excellent wrap memory
• Single centrally placed swaged zero profile RO marker band

A World Class PTCA Balloon Catheter Manufactured In A World Class Facility

Located within Meril's ultra-modern stent manufacturing facility, MOZEC balloon catheter is built under the guidance from the most experienced in the
  catheter technology.
• Tip-to-hub, this Rx balloon dilatation catheter is designed for meeting and surpassing the best industry standards.
• Each catheter undergoes 100% in-process quality inspection to detect and weed out the defects at every manufacturing step.
• Thus the final balloon catheter becomes the right means for a meaningful procedure.