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Ankle Internal Fixation

The Locking Calcaneal Plate is indicated for fractures and osteotomies of the calcaneus including, but not limited to, extra-articular, intra-articular, joint depression, tongue type, and severely comminuted fractures.

For fracture fixation of long bones and long bone fragments.


  1. Available in mini, short, long and extra-long sizes, in left and right designs.

  2. Versatile-15 locking holes addressing multiple fracture patterns.

  3. Bendable tabs provide support for the anterior process and plantar fragments.

  4. Angled and ascending holes buttress the sustentaculum and provide better support of the calcaneotalar articular surface.

  5. Lateral application.

  6. Cannulated shaft accepts threaded and non-threaded guide wires.

  7. Cancellous thread profile uses deep cutting threads with a large pitch to increase resistance to pullout. The large pitch also accelerates screw insertion and removal.

  8. Self-tapping screw tip facilitates screw insertion by eliminating the need for predrilling and tapping in most cases.