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PFRN Nailing System

Anatomical Implants

The PFRN nailing system has the anatomical design for best fit in the femur bone.

The PFRN nailing system has a M/L angle of 5 allows easy insertion & bendable lip reduces stress on the bone with Static or dynamic locking options.


  1. PFRN anti-rotation Screw Provide Rotational and angular stability by locked in femoral head & providing additional Support.

  2. PFRN anti-rotation Screw had a lot higher cut-out resistance in comparison with commonly-used Screw system.


Size Chart

PFRN is available in 3 sizes: extra small 170mm, small 200mm and long 260 to 440mm.


The PFRN small and std nail for femur trochanteric area fracture:


The PFRN long nail for femur low and extended sub-trochanteric fractures: