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DESolve® NOVOLIMUS™ Eluting Bioresorbable Coronary Scaffold System

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The DESolve Scaffold System is one of Elixir Medical's latest advancements - a state-of-the-art novolimus-eluting bioresorbable coronary scaffold system that represents the next generation in scaffold technology. Unlike conventional metal stents, DESolve degrades in about 1 year, leaving behind a thin neointimal lining and well-maintained lumen - similar to a de novo vessel.  Potential additional benefits include a functional endothelium enabling vasomotion and uniform flow dynamics in the vessel.

Scaffold Design

Biodegradable Scaffold & Coating

DESolve's PLLA-based scaffold is designed to repair and restore diseased coronary vessels without the potential risks and complications of a permanent implant. The DESolve Scaffold utilizes the same ultra-thin, well-established biodegradable polymer coating of DESyne BD and the same low drug dose as DESyne and DESyne BD with the advantage of a fully resorbable scaffold.  

Elixir's proprietary fabrication and processing technology allows for excellent flexibility, deliverability, and well-apposed struts that provide substantial radial strength with low recoil. Performance has been evaluated in clinical studies and has been shown to provide excellent mechanical support, even in highly tortuous vessels.

Case Study

Conforms to Vessel Tortuosity


Clinical Performance

The DESolve program is backed by strong evidence-based research and pivotal clinical studies.  An optimally-low dose of Novolimus is control-released over time for sustained neointimal inhibition.  The potent anti-proliferative agent with a known safety profile facilitates excellent clinical efficacy.

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